RM Tool
In today’s competitive world, sustainable use of resources plays a crucial role. Efficient management of resources assumes high importance in helping the organizations generate a high Return on Investment (ROI). Resources are critical irrespective of the scope, size and type of the organization. A plan to optimally utilize the resources goes a long way in determining whether a project is successfully implemented or not. The Resource Management Tool developed by Appisoft Incorporated helps organizations maximize their performance by strategic allocation of resources. The application assists the organizations in streamlining the resources per different departments and ongoing projects. Various reports generated by this tool including timesheets, cost distribution, expense reports can be customized according to the needs of our clients.

Dashboard application provides an off-the-shelf product that integrates with any application using a standardized interface to provide a one-stop view of the summarized view of the application/product with a innovative and user intuitive way of presentation. User can interact, drill down and configure the view to appropriately customize to their individually preferred presentation style.

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