Mobile application development for both Android & iOS devices.

Appisoft works with your passion/ideas to make them a reality and experience at your fingertips.  Our successful business strategy will enable your mobile app innovation available within the span of few weeks:

  • Approach us , to confirm the feasibility and implement prototype of the same within short period
  • Create roadmaps for implementation and design of apps compatible to both Android and iOS devices
  • Marketing approach for app download
  • App usage analytics
  • User experience analysis


WEB Application:

At Appisoft, we work with a systematic development approach to build custom Web Applications.  Our highly skilled team of developers have extensive knowledge in latest technologies in the industry.  Our customization process includes high-level analysis/strategy, planning, design, programming, testing, implementation and training.  We ensure our process-driven approach optimizes the use of application from day one.  As part of our company standards, documentation is a key factor in our development which helps our client’s to implement future changes with least amount of investment in understanding the application. We cater to client’s business needs and on time deliverables is our success to web development with the help of our resources across Michigan, New Jersey and in Hyderabad, India.

WEB – Redesign Services:

Many a times constant change in technology is making websites obsolete. Re-design of website with latest technologies will help improve sales, performance, customer retention and enhanced mobile application.  our re-design will help client’s to understand the importance of re-designing their web application to be competitive in the market.  Re-design activities contains:

  • Design change for appearance of the website
  • Better performance in search engine
  • Tweak application to focus more on the client’s product
  • Optimize the application to mobile app – write once and use everywhere
  • Increase in clientele leads

WEB Application Maintenance:

A company’s strength relies on its website, it is crucial to maintain the web application constantly in the high market IT sector.  Appisoft with a team of experts have extensive knowledge in technology on both  legacy and innovation to assist maintaining the application for our clients.

It is fact that first impression is best impression and when it comes to IT world, it is company’s website holds the fact and maintaining the website projects the quality of the company.  As part of Appisoft maintenance package regardless of the size of the business:

  • Performance review (traffic etc) and analytics
  • Constantly update pages using new technology/graphics
  • Add/update/delete/archive with regard to products
  • Build any additional pages as in needed
  • Store data for reporting purposes
  • Integration with external websites
  • Update for security compliances as needed


Appisoft ensures quality assurance is at its best when it comes to End to End testing support using automated testing tools.  Centralized testing ensures no defects in production and our expertise are:

  • Design, develop and deploy complete end to end testing
  • Optimize resource, time, skills for quality testing
  • Mitigate technical and business risks
  • Automating the manual software testing process results in cost reduction, facilitates team communication and improves efficiency.
  • Performing manual testing allows our experts to find the defects and ensure that all application features behave as expected.

Our Quality Assurance is a continuous process within the software development life cycle (SDLC) designed to ensure the highest quality in software engineering